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There  are  employment  opportunities  to  steer  your  career  in  the  direction  that  suits  your goals:  permanent  job,  with  rotation  period,  a  positive  work  environment,  which  give  you balance in your work-life. Application    process is starting writing your professional Curriculum Vitae  with  your personal experience  and  educational  history  ( CV  model  download  here ). You  can  submit  by  email  at  [email protected]  but  it’s  very  important  to  send via email  full set of documents in PDF Format: Seaman’s Book with sea service records, COC/License/Certification, Passport, STCW certificates, Appraisals and/or Recommendation  Letters.  Our  Recruitment  Team  will  give  you  consultancy,  assessing  and responding to your particular needs.

Since January 2019 we started to work online and about full set of documents, we can meet and scan them for you for a fee.